Sex: 7 scientifically proven reasons why you should have sex regularly


5/ Have sex to reduce your blood pressure and stress levels

The American magazine, The New Scientist, has revealed several things surrounding the subject of sex.  First of all, couples that regularly have sex have a lower blood pressure.  Secondly they seem to be able to react better to stress.  Sex can also reduce anxiety.  Only positive things to say!

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6/ Have sex to increase your intelligence and mental capacities

Several university researchers from the University of Maryland in the USA and Konkuk University in Seoul have carried out tests on rats and mice.  After having sexually relations the rodents are more relaxed and relieved of stress.  Their brains are also more effective and their cognitive functions work better.  Are you stuck on a blank page?  Call your partner to come to your rescue!

7/ Have sex to reduce the risk of contracting prostate cancer

A study from Harvard Medical School proved that having sex regularly lowered the risk of contracting prostate cancer by 22%.  This just another positive reason to have fun under the covers with your partner!

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