McDonald’s: 10 surprising facts you may have never heard about

Credit: YouTube screenshot from "Top 10 McDonald's Secrets You Are NOT Supposed To Know", MostAmazingTop10

You have no doubt already ordered food at a McDonald’s counter before.  There is no escaping this global chain which can be found all over the world.  Although eating fast food every day is discouraged we aren’t trying to tell you to stop eating there every now and again.  Instead here are 10 surprising anecdotes about McDonald’s that you might never have heard about!  

1/  McDonald’s founder used to sell hot dogs

The two brothers Richard and Maurice created the chain as we know it towards the end of the 1940 s.  Their first restaurant in California used to be called The Airdrome and only offered hot dogs on the menu.  Realizing this concept was unsuccessful, they instead launched a hamburger fries menu.

hamburger frites McDonald's faits surprenez dont vous n'avez jamais entendu parler
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2/ McDonald’s use a lot of potatoes

In fact about 7% of the potatoes produced in the United States are used to make the classic McDonald’s fries!  What’s more, this chain produce a third of all fries sold in America… impressive!

3/ Disney studios have dividends with McDonald’s

In the beginning Disney and McDonald’s had close ties. In Happy Meals, kids could find toys of many of their favourite Disney characters.  However in 2006, Disney decided to break their contract with the global fast food chain.  The studio simply did not want to contribute to the increasing rate of child obesity!  McDonald’s then decided to include fruit and salads in their child menu which allowed the chain to renew their ties with Disney in 2008.

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4/ You can only get served at Drive thru in a car

In 2013, a woman in Manchester decided to get something to eat at McDonald’s Drive thru…but on a horse!  The servers refused to accept her order so the lady decided to make her order inside with her horse in tow.  Her horse scared away seated clients and dirtied the restaurant.  After a turbulent trial, McDonald’s policy now states that for security and hygiene reasons employees are forbidden to serve customers who order at drive thru on foot, horseback or by bike.

5/ There are specialists in hamburgerology

In 1961, McDonald’s restaurants become classrooms for future employees.  The aim was to teach the art of creating the perfect hamburger!  Candidates looking for a job at Maccy D’s needed to gain a degree at the Hamburger Academy so that they could work at the restaurant.  Now there are around 80, 000 people who have graduated with a degree in Hamburgerology.

etudiants diplome Mcdonald's
Credits: Pixabay/Pexels