Huge dogs: 12 giant dogs to scare away any intruders

Credit: YouTube Screenshots "LES 10 PLUS GRANDS CHIENS DU MONDE", Lama Faché/ Pinterest screenshot

These huge dogs are incredible but true. The size of these dog breeds below can rival human dimensions! These massive, impressive hounds were made by humans after multiple, rather dangerous crosses… Are you tempted by an XXL pup? Here are 12 oversized canines that will make robbers tremble!

There have been many dog breeds created by humans over the years, or perhaps we should say transformed. Nowadays there is a list of over 400 dog breeds in the world which is a little more than the 80 species of cat… There are some completely enormous dog breeds which look like they shouldn’t be real but they are. Have a look at the list below for 12 of the most insane sized pups in the world… Would you fancy welcoming one of these dogs into your home?

1/ A body guard that sits above the rest

This gigantic dog should easily put off any potential robbers from entering your home… At the same time it can keep a watchful eye over your little babba!

2/ A four-legged companion that likes to command the room

At least no one will try and give you a hard time with a dog as big as that

3/ A human sized dog

Not all dog breeds measure the same!

4/ An impressive canine

This black and white spotted dog takes up a lot of space on the sofa! We dread to think the size of the dog’s bed…

5/ Bull dog brought up on GMO produce…

Has this enormous pup ingested something to make it grow? Alice (From Alice in Wonderland) will have to behave herself!

6/ Giant dog

Is it an optical illusion or reality? In any case, we can’t deny that this dog definitely has the potential to be massive!