Huge dogs: 12 giant dogs to scare away any intruders

Credit: YouTube Screenshots "LES 10 PLUS GRANDS CHIENS DU MONDE", Lama Faché/ Pinterest screenshot

7/ A dog with an imposing build

This giant, muscular built dog with its ear pricked up could make a robber cower!

8/ A companion that looks down on you

This fizzy haired pup easily measures higher than its owner when settled in the couch.

9/ A dog your children can ride

You have to suppress a little twinge of sorrow when you see a dog harnessed up for a ride… a dog is not a donkey!

10/ An imposing dog

The massive grey dog seems to have integrated into the family. The proof is it even has its own bed! It would need need to have one so it can stretch out its long legs…

11/ Loveable dog that takes up a lot of space

We have no doubt that the owners are smitten by their dog, but all the same, a dog as big as this does take up a lot of space!

12/ A chow chow that has a lion’s mane

This amazing chow chow looks like its trying to get in touch with its feline side…

Huge dogs that are more enormous than you can imagine.

You can see some of the biggest dog in the world in this video (French):

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