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Polar vortex: 20 amazing photos of everyday objects petrified by ice

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Nobody can escape the arctic freeze as temperatures start to plummet. Daily life transforms as soon as the bitterly cold weather moves in. Obviously the landscape changes as ice and snow starts to cover buildings, parks, mountains and lakes but so can everyday objects, people, cats, dogs and cars.

Extreme cold periods are becoming increasingly common due to climate change as a result of human pollution. However these extreme conditions can also be seen in the opposite context like the recent extreme heat wave in Australia where it reached 49.3°C in December last year. In contrast, areas in North America have been hit by a chilling a “polar vortex” where temperatures have fallen to minus 30 degrees and places like Chicago have been colder than Antarctica. Although these cold temperatures have made daily life more difficult, this record freeze has also made some amazing works of art. Many daily objects have become naturally petrified ice sculptures which look as though they have been transformed by magic and paralyzed in time.

1/ A petrified toilet bowl

Unbelievable, but true. All that ice doesn’t really make you want to pull your trousers down…

2/ Frozen eggs

Are these eggs from the frozen section of the supermarket? That’s something you don’t see everyday.

3/ An icy tyre

Be careful on the roads… high chance of black ice!

4/ An exploded cistern

This cistern has turned into a huge block of ice due to the exteme cold temperatures.

5/ An invisible door

This astonishing car looks like it has been extended by extra ice door!

6/ Frozen by magic

This forks seems to be levitating as if by magic. Cold temperatures can make crazy illusions.

7/ Icy bubbles

This is what happens when you blow bubbles to impress your little rascals… we bet they weren’t disappointed!