Horror theme parks: 10 of the most terrifying in the world!

Edited by Laliste / Credits : 13th Gate, McKameyManor / Youtube

What is a horror theme park exactly? Read on to find out if you’d be tempted to visit one of these terrifying theme parks below! 

Summer holidays are fast approaching… if you don’t know what you want to do on holiday perhaps this article can give you some inspiration.  Do you like visiting scary places but find a haunted house of horror isn’t enough to make you tremble?  Well check out these horror theme parks.  You might have to reevaluate your steely nerves as these theme parks would give anyone the heebie-geebies!

1/ Horrorland:  A horror theme parks that makes you sign a waiver, Spain

Does quacking in your boots sound like your type of holiday fun?  Why not take a trip to Catalonia?  Here you’ll find some tapas, some sangria and… a terrifying horror theme park!  Constructed on a disused thermal power plant at in the village of Cerf, Horrorland is a temporary horror amusement park. As well as an escape game and four haunted houses, the Extreme House will most definitely give you goosebumps… You have to enter this haunted house alone, with no one their to help or support you. Before you enter this house you need to sign a waiver! Would you feel up to it?

Horror land parc d'attraction d'horreur clown
Credits : Horror box / Youtube

2/ Scare Kingdom: The most terrifying amusement park in the work, England

In terms of horror amusement parks, Scare Kingdom is the place to go in Europe.  Scream park is open all year round but its programme changes depending on the season (Saint Valentines, Christmas, Halloween…)  Like every horror theme park, you can visit haunted houses and cross labyrinths each with very realistic themed decorations from Jack the Ripper to zombies or witches! You can also get the chance to try Psychomanteum Zero, one of the most terrifying attractions in the world!

Scare Kingdom parc d'attraction horreur
Credits: TerrorTVuk / Youtube

3/ Thrill Park: A horror park using high class technology, Prague

Although this horror park is not in the same league as its fellow theme parks, its worth checking out due to its innovative ideas.  Although there is a haunted house, the action takes place in a virtual reality. Using this technology you can walk around the house while having to face zombie or serial killer attacks! This is certainly one of the most modern horror theme parks in the world.

Thrill park parc d'attraction d'horreur réalité virtuelle
Video screenshot: Thrill Park / Youtube

4/ Farmaggedon: The horror farm, England

In Ormskirk you can find no less than five terrifying horror attraction with zombies, cannibals and clowns! There is something for everyone’s tastes and fears…  As well as the attractions you can also take part in a game of paintball against a team of famished zombies!

farmaggedon parc d'attraction horreur
Crédits : Farmaggedon / Youtube

5/ Bates Motel : One of America’s oldest haunted houses

Like many horror theme parks based on films, Bates Motel takes on cinema legends. There are two main attractions in the theme park. One is the hotel’s list, inspired by the movie Psycho and the Bates Motel series and the other, and the most coveted attraction is the revenge of scarecrows! The aim of this attraction is to cross a labyrinth inside a very high cornfield. The visual and sonic special effects, convincing actors and creepy setting will be sure to get your heart rate racing!

Bates motel parc d'attraction horreur
Credits: batesmotelandhayride / Youtube