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Retro sweets: Eighties and nineties sweets we all loved!

Credit: Pinterest screenshots/ Wikimedia Edited by: TheWonderlist

Were you a fan of sweets in the eighties and nineties? If that sounds about right then you are going to love the list of retro sweets below!

Lots of sugary confectionery was available in the eighties and nineties with vibrant colours and unusual concepts. Can you remember some childhood classics like Double Dips, Candy necklaces, Freddos (that were triple the size they are now) and Fruit Winders? Have a look at the 12 sweets below!

1/ Freddo

You all will remember Freddo chocolates that were a staple for 90 s kids.  Still found in confectionery aisles today, they have severely gone up in price and have drastically reduced in size…  Gone are the days that you could go to the tuck shop and ask for a 10 p Freddo!  It will now set you back another 15 pence.

2/  Double Dip

Double Dip sweets were a classic free gift stuck onto a comic book like the Beano or the Dandy.  Does anyone else remember fighting with a sibling to grab onto the flavourless sugar stick to lick and dip into the cherry or lemon flavoured candy.  This was a regular occurrence on family car journeys!

3/ Candy necklaces

Everyone loved getting a candy necklace at a birthday party.  Do you remember parading around and gnawing away at a necklace or bracelet leaving a damp and sticky elastic dangling from your wrist or neck!

Candy necklaces
Credit: Wikimedia

4/ Flying saucers

You can still get flying saucers today but they won’t be the same of what you would have got in a pick’n mix in the 90s.  Less colorants and additives nowadays no doubt!  Difficult to understand why we loved letting two layers of cardboard flavoured polystyrene melt on our tongues….

retro 90 sweets
Credit: Wikipedia / Flickr: jo-h

5/ Love heart Lipsticks

As a little girl you were delighted to have a sweet that also was a fashion accessory? The sweet certainly didn’t taste that good.  It was clearly the novelty factor that won us over!

bonbon rouge à lèvres
Video screenshot : “♡• LOUANE ME FAIT AVOIR UN FOU RIRE MÉMORABLE | DÉGUSTATION BONBONS 80’s •♡”, L’atelier de Roxane

6/ Candy Cigarettes

It is difficult to believe it now but do you also remember feeling really cool when you bought yourself a pack of candy cigarettes.  You’d flaunt you candy stick between your fingers feeling very grown up until you couldn’t resist the urge to munch on the sugar.  This controversial confectionery has now been banned in most countries!

retro 90 sweets
Credit: Pxhere / cogdogblog Flickr