Sleepy cats: 20 pictures of cats with unusual sleeping positions

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Is real cat napping that different to our own cat naps ? Sleepy cats can either find sleeping positions look a lot like humans or completely absurd positions you’d never think are possible. There should really be a behavioural study!
While we are waiting, have a little giggle at these 20 hilarious sleeping cat positions!

Just like humans, our feline friends can adopt nocturnal positions that are very strange. Our sleeping positions have even been classified as Fœtus, open-mouthed, Superman, starfish or soldier. What about cats? Here are 20 cats which sleep like no others that will surly give you a good laugh. Sleeping cats have been brought into a whole new light!

1/ Warrior pose

After you have had a good filling of food there is nothing like a good cat nap!

2/ Balcony railings

This ginger cat seems to like the railings. No sure it’s bones will feel the same…

3/ Cat from the Creation

At cat that can recreate this famous image of Michael Angelo’s The Creation of Adam on the ceiling of the Sixtine Chapel.

4/ Barred bed

This cat has strange tastes. It has decided to take a nap on the clothes dryer… a strange way to relax. Each to their own!

5/ Are you a little tipsy?

This position looks a lot like the position adopted inadvertently by boozy drinkers at the end of a night out…

6/ Realistic dreams

Is this tiger striped cat dreaming of catching a bird?

7/ Too much telly

A cat that has adopted a very humanistic position. Too much channel hopping with no avail…