Quiz: Do you recognise these celebrities as children or teenagers?

Credit: Pinterest screenshots

Stars and celebrities as children are not always who you imagine later in life … Can you manage to list the stars in the photos below? Some are not as easy as you might think!

Teenage years are difficult for everyone. At least this is how we remember it. We can have unfortunate looking braces which give us a metallic smile, a spotty face or sticky out ears. Not everyone is in top physical form as a child: some have baby fat while others have long gangly legs. However as we grow up we grow into our body and can, in some cases, look entirely different to our child self. Is this true for the list below? Take the quiz and see if your recognize the faces of the 25 celebrities below!

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1/ Shy beauty

Which well known public figure is hidden behind this image of timid, pretty girl?

2/ Not as innocent as before…

Do you recognise this chubby-cheeked munchkin?

3/ Familiar look

Is it a girl or a boy? This pretty, clear faced blonde makes us think of someone…

4/ Innocent smiles

Afro curls and a radiant smile, we’re sure you can sing some of his famous songs!

5/ British star

With a cheeky glint in his eyes, a cute little face and straw coloured hair this little boy was a budding British actor!

6/ A blonde bombshell

Who is this American actress popular in the the early 2000s?

7/ We’re getting the feeling of déjà-vu

This teenager would certainly have turned a few heads… We seem to recogoise her plump, full lips!

8/ A future president

But who is this little munchkin? Clue: He grows up to become the French president.

9/ Different look

With cute spaniel eyes and childish pigtails, this American actress couldn’t look more different!