Design Fails: 17 unbelievably epic fails

Credit: Pinterest screenshots via Edit: LaListe

You don’t come across epic fails like this everyday. When you are unlucky enough to be confronted with one it is hard not to notice!

Whether it is a hospital floor, an eco-friendly book wrapped in plastic or adverts that tell you lies, at least you can laugh about the absurdity afterwards! We swear it is not just a trick of your eyes, these unbelievable design fails are actually for real…

1/ Hospital floor spread with trails of (fake) blood

This strange concept for a hospital flooring could top the list of epic design fails… Isn’t it rather inappropriate to have a trail of blood running through the corridors? We don’t know about you but it makes us laugh!

2/ Budget class which goes out the window

This airline suggests that the economy class is going to be flying through the air… It is enough to throw buying a ticket from this budget air out the window!

3/ Suggestive pearls

This long sleeved shirt emblazoned with pearl becomes rather suggestive when you pull a jumper on top. Two of the peals are well positioned to give the impression that your hard nipples are showing through!

4/ Saying no to plastic

If the book is titled No More Plastic you’d think it wouldn’t be covered by the stuff!

5/ Disgusting toilet decorations

The wall of this toilet is not actually smeared with excrement, it is actually meant to be modern art… Perhaps it would be better suited in another room.

6/ Trimmed down door

If it doesn’t fit the Croats don’t want to waste it, they alter and reuse! Click on the”Gif “at the bottom left to watch the video.