Hospital jokes: 16 unexpected moments of humour spotted on the ward

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We might be tempted to see hospitals like a type of sanctuary where life and death coexist in daily life. However it is also a place of work for hundreds of employees who are also allowed fifteen minutes of fun! Maybe even more so than others. Do hospital workers have the best sense of humour?

Just because the line between life and death is always present it doesn’t mean you can’t have a laugh in a hospital. In fact quite the contrary! Hospital jokes seem to be vital! Counting on humour is the best way to keep going in a place where death is ever present. Here are some anecdotes and hospital jokes which lighten the mood in a place often linked with sadness.

1/Anatomical diagrams featuring sexy skeletons

Maybe nicer to read than to look at…

2/Warning sign that hits the right tone

Please don’t throw your baby.

3/ An uninspiring ward room view

The view of the graveyard from this hospital ward is not something to dream about. Hopefully the patient is entitled to a discount.

4/ Hospital jokes

Joking about with blood? Some people don’t seem the least bit worried to see a trail oozing from under the door… Everyone has their own sense of humour.

5/ Pretty painting

This patient who was admitted to A&E occupied themselves by drawing a picture with their own blood… you would hardly believe it!

6/ A patient with an allergic reaction

Even after having an allergic reaction to anesthetic products, this patient still wanted to take a selfie. Perhaps to make light of the situation or maybe to hide his apprehension!