Design Fails: 17 unbelievably epic fails

Credit: Pinterest screenshots via Edit: LaListe

7/ A depressive wall hanging

This Halloween wall hanging has been put up in an care home for the elderly…It could certainly send you into a depressive state as you know death is knocking on the door…

8/ Waffle machine that tells lies

And how exactly do you get the form of a snowflake?

9/ A jigsaw that forget to remove the cursor before printing

If you take a close look at the centre of this jigsaw, you’ll see that someone forgot about the cursor before pinting. Does quality control not exist at board game manufacturers?

10/ Perilous staircase

A door that opens onto a stair case. That is a design fail if there ever was one!

11/ Bumpy cycle lane

We’ve never seen speed bumps for cyclists before! You can try it out in Hungary, but at your own risk!

12/ Music connects people…

When you look at this picture, finishing you off comes more to mind!