Cats vs Technology: 12 ways the digital world has changed their lives

Credit: Pinterest: Anna Pavlova via

Cats and technology can sometimes go hand in hand.  It isn’t just humans that have had their lives revolutionized by technology…  Here are 12 photos that prove it!  

Technology has changed our lives without any shadow of a doubt.  However the lives of our pets has also been affected, in particular for cats.  They have managed to take advantage of these changes and are now more than comfortable falling asleep on your keyboard, clinging to the heat of your charger or playing with connecting cables. Welcome to the world of tech savvy cats!  Here are 12 photos that prove to what extent technology has changed the life of your little kitty…

1/ Cats and technology: Brick TV vs Flat screen

Taking a cat nap on a TV box set now involves some kamikaze moves!

2/ Cats and technology: Ball of wool vs Cables

A simple ball of wool is a thing of the past. Now cats are playing with a rigid, plastic cables… which one looks more fun?

3/ Cats and technology: An open book vs Keyboard

Did your little kitten like to rub up against the crisp new pages of you math book? Now it can boast about typing on a keyboard!

4/ Cats and technology: Field mouse vs Computer mouse

Once a great hunter of field mice your cat is now a skilled poacher of your computer mouse!

5/ Cats and technology: Fish vs Tablet

Did you know that there is an app for showing fish? Perhaps your tablet screen won’t be too happy as we don’t think it is protected from cat scratches!

6/ Running wild vs Indoor gym

Your cat used to run free and wild in the garden but now it has become used to its indoor gym. A cat is not a hamster remember!