Doctor humour: 15 health specialist who know how to have a laugh

Credit: Pinterest screenshots

Is doctor humour different from other types of humour? Every has their own sense of fun and jokey banter, don’t they? Well these health specialists in this list below have their fair share of witty humour. Luckily for them they can have a laugh at work while also looking after the nation’s health!

Luckily doctors have a good sense of humour as their daily work load is not always a bundle of laughs… Between tragic outcomes to deliver to close relatives, the fear of not being able to save someone’s life and the stress of the operating table where you need to be constantly on high alert, a bit of humour and carefree banter never goes a miss. Here are 15 practitioners who are on the ball when it comes to cracking a joke. After you’ve seen the list below you’ll be asking for more doctor humour!

1/ Where’s Wally?

While you are getting you jaw treated with jets of water and other implements, your kind dentist helps to distract you by getting you to find Wally on the ceiling of his dental practice.

2/ Sexy skeletons

This sexy anatomical skeleton will be sure to attract a few smiles! When you are a doctor you love a good medicine related joke!

3/ Difficult to read strike slogans

French Doctor’s Strikes: Still no clue what they are demanding! It is a well known fact that all doctors regardless of their nationality have illegible hand writing… a little clarity please!

4/ A Maternity Ward giving pregnant mother’s an idea of what’s to come

The entrance to this maternity ward gives expectant mothers an idea of what’s to come. This tongue in cheek joke might go down well… then again it might not!

5/ Before and After Poster

If your dentist has successfully managed to align your Gollum -like set of teeth, they promise that you’ll have a dazzling set of pearly whites once they’ve finished!