Doctor humour: 15 health specialist who know how to have a laugh

Credit: Pinterest screenshots

6/ A comic surgical mask to lighten the atmosphere

It is difficult to tell whether these surgical masks are comical or not. The doctors’ faces are slightly scary, wouldn’t you agree? This is a classic case of doctor humour!

7/ Halloween at the dentists

Dentists have hit the nail on the head. Teenagers worst nightmare is to be told they need baces to align their teeth properly!

8/ A Christmas tree made with what you’ve got

This creative Christmas tree has been made with items close to hand! Watch out there is another as well!

9/ Christmas Tree 2.0

Doctors certainly can be creative! Between the surgical gloves and these electronic controls, we’re taken aback by their creativity and the time taken to create such a feat of decoration!

10/ The tooth fairy’s escape route or front door?

The tooth fairy seems to have taken up residence in the dentists…