Striking differences: 20 things you realise when you make the comparison

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How does a cat or a dog see the world compared to humans?  How much bigger is a gorilla’s skeleton in comparison to a human one?  When we compare two objects that we have always thought of separately they take on a whole new dimension when placed side by side.  Here is a list of 20 striking differences that will make you think twice!

When we place objects side by side, whether they are animals, humans or everyday objects,  differences in size, nature or behavior become more apparent.  There are so many striking differences in the world that we don’t ever think about: whether it is a gorilla’s skeleton compared to a human one, the quantity of juice in a small or medium cup at McDonalds or what the Arctic looked like 100 years ago in comparison to nowadays.

1/ Bird’s eyesight Vs Human eyesight

Bird species have a coloured view of the world that is superior to our own!

2/ The ceiling of the smoking area Vs non-smoking area

Da Nang airport, in Vietnam, has some work to do when it comes to cleaning…

3/ Candle flame on Earth Vs in Space

It is all about the gravity…

4/ 1998 Vs 2018

Over time we have managed to become more compact with our technology! However is good to have everything you need in just one device?

5/ Arctic 100 years ago Vs nowadays

Those who are skeptical about the effects of climate change can’t disagree with the photos that show the extent ice melt in Arctic! It is not just a conspiracy theory!

6/ Olden day tomato Vs modern day tomato

The beef heart tomato (on the right) has been produced for centuries. It is tastier and more juicy that it’s counterpart which has a perfect spherical shape with not a blemish on it’s skin. Modern day tomatoes come straight out of Spanish greenhouses.

7/ Wolf Vs Dog wolf cross

A striking difference.