Doctor humour: 15 health specialist who know how to have a laugh

Credit: Pinterest screenshots

11/ Well decorated waiting room

No mistaking that you are at the dentists!

12/ A fertility clinic that encourages you to deposit your sample

The toilet decorations have been well thought through. This is the reason you are here after all!

13/ Toilet at the optitions

Eye specialists show that they too have a good sense of humour!

14/ Fertility clinic Christmas tree

At the fertility clinic everything is in the theme, even the sperm Christmas decorations! This is probably one of the more suggestive Christmas trees!

15/ A necklace for life

A necklace offered to your partner to represent your love for each other with the highs and the lows. It’s difficult to know whether this necklace will please or not.. in any case you can tell it is doctor’s sense of humour!

Source : Pinterest

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