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Sweet treats: 10 unusual sweets from around the globe

Credit: Pinterest screenshots

Everything sweet makes you feel good, especially if you have a sweet tooth. There are lots of sweet treats that you can choose from whether it is chocolate, flavoured fruit sweets, mints or caramels! Even thinking about it makes your mouth water! However, did you know that there are some sweet treats from around the world that are rather unusual. In fact after reading the list of unusual sweets below would you even dare try them?

1/”Musk Sticks”, sweets with a strange flavour and texture

In Australia and New Zealand, these long pink flavoured sticks are all the rage! They come in different flavours and are made from sugar, gelatin and icing sugar … as well as animal musk! The final ingredient mentioned in the list is in fact used in synthetic perfume production. Although they make you think of chewing gum, these unusual sweets melt in the mouth and taste of… eau de cologne!

2/ “Creamy Corn Candies”

These candies, which come from Malaysia, are literally made from creamed corn.
Although creaming corn is not unusual, this brand of sweet treats makes the result a lot easier. However the taste which is known for being “rich and sweet” is actually rather strong making the taste linger in your mouth for a long while afterwards!

3/ Uncle Oinker’s “Gummy bacon” !

In Britain bacon is a national staple, it couldn’t be better in a bacon buttie or fry up! However have you ever heard of Gummy Bacon? This strawberry flavoured sweet looks so realistic you’d want to put it under the grill!

4/ Fluorescent insect sweets

These little bits of gelatin are exceedingly strange… The come in small packets along with a pair of tweezers! This special tool is fitted with a battery and LED light. When select your insect sweet you can make it light up and glow!

5/ Salted licorice

Normally sweets are sugary… or at least this is the general rule that normally applies!? In northern European countries like Finland people absolutely love salmiakki. It’s flavour, which is both sour and acidic, is an integral part of Scandinavian childhood. These unusual sweets are created thanks to added ammonium chloride during production. There are several strength levels of salt and different products from ice cream, fizzy drinks, liqueurs and even chocolate!