Dangerous selfies: 16 terrifying photos of people who have gone too far

Credit: Pinterest screenshots/ Edited: La Liste

Taking selfies can be dangerous especially if you are thrill seeker looking to create a buzz on social media. All you need to do is to look at this terrifying list of selfies as proof. Dangerous selfies have gone even further than you perhaps imagined…

Taking selfies has become common practice for lots of people on social media today. But what is a selfie? Is it to take a photo on your own or is it a way to fulfill your narcissistic character? Perhaps it is to take a picture of yourself in front of a magnificent landscape or a celebrity? There are many ways to take a selfie and many reasons why you do it. However sometimes selfie mania goes even further. Here are 16 terrifying photographs that have gone too far to create a buzz on social media!

1/ Two is better than one…

Kirill Oreshkin calls himself an urban explorer or other wise known as the “Russian spiderman” by the media. The thrill seeker doesn’t seem to be fearful of dizzying heights or putting his life at risk. How long will he be able to keep this up? Instagram will soon tell us…

2/ An unconcerned couple

This couple doesn’t seem the least concerned that they are perched precariously on top of a skyscraper and could easily plummet to their deaths… The lengths you go for likes on social media!

3/ Climbing a skyscraper

For some, climbing a skyscraper is a “fun” hobby as they want to immortalize their fearlessness (or perhaps we should say stupidity) on on social networks… Kirill Oreshkin is undoubtedly a thrill seeker!

4/ Risking your life for a selfie

Selfies are even taken in the Savanah alongside wild animals… Many social media users are willing to take risks for the most daring photographs.

5/  High risk photography

In 2015, selfies killed more people than shark attacks!A travel journal reported that 12 people had died from taking narcissistic selfies. A Japanese tourist slipped from the Taj Mahal, several people were hit by a train as they were too busy getting the best profile picture…

6/ Smile for the camera…but don’t move and inch!

Why would you put yourself in this danger to get a buzz on social media? Is it really worth it?