Horror theme parks: 10 of the most terrifying in the world!

Edited by Laliste / Credits : 13th Gate, McKameyManor / Youtube

6/ The 13th Gate : The most terrifying haunted house in the world, Los Angeles

The 13th Gate, Los Angeles is one of the most terrifying haunted houses in the USA.  This theme park is particularly well known for its highly detailed and realistic sets.  The attraction is often compared to a Hollywood film with its professional actors and models.  Some of the activities including creeping across a crematorium and finding your way in the dark.  However the park is constantly changing and often offers different attractions.  The haunted house where the attraction is based is also considered to be the most horrific haunted house in the USA!

parc d'attraction d'horreur
Credits: 13th Gate / youtube

7/ Freakling Bros. Horror Show: A theme park for adults only, Las Vegas

This horror theme park is proof that there aren’t just casinos in Las Vegas. Freakling Bros Horror Show has three attractions with one called Restricted.  For this attraction children must be accompanied by an adult.  The Freakling Bros have described their theme park as most terrifying haunted experience in Mississippi.

Freakling Brothers Trilogy of Terror parc d'attraction horreur
Credits : FreaklingBrotherslv / Youtube

8/ Heretic Haunted House: Underground Haunted House, USA

Heretic Haunted House is an “underground” haunted house with no generated profit. It is an experience that is constantly changing format. However you have to be open to anything as the park offers simulations of brutal assaults, torture etc.

9/ Blackhouse Haunted House: Complete darkness, USA

This haunted house in San Francisco will plunge you into complete dankness.  The light that you do see will never give you much comfort… have you got the nerves to try?

Blackout parc d'attraction d'horreur
Video screenshot: Mike VanDemon / Youtube

10/ McKamey Manor, Horror theme park that will give you 20 000 dollars if you survive: USA

We’ve saved the best (or worst depending on how you look at it) for last!  As difficult as it is to get out of this haunted house, it is just as difficult to get in!  In fact you have to sign up to waiting list with another 25, 000 people.  If you want to take part you need to write a covering letter and make a short video.  You also need to be in a good physical and mental condition.   You should definitely research what is expected of you before signing yourself up for this haunted house!  Here is a rough outline…  Are you prepared for a grueling 7 hours of hell? Animal blood thrown in your face might not sound that bad but you’ll also have to suffer individual confinement in cages and refrigerators not to mention (fake) drowning, gagging, handcuffs and torture scenes.  So do you think you have got the guts to get through!  As motivation, if you manage to survive two consecutive scenarios, you win the tidy sum of $ 20,000!  So why not give it a go….

McKamey Manor parc d'attraction horreur
Credits : McKameyManor / Youtube

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