15 Freaky and scary Images from the past that will make you shiver!

These are not images from a horror film but pictures of real life and everyday moments from the past! Here are 15 strange photos from a time when they didn’t think it was strange or freaky and will make you shiver.

1/ Masked beauty contest

No it is not the female members of the Klu Klux Klan, but candidates for a masked beauty contest, where the judges had to judge on their body. The start of looking at women as a female object?


2/ Disney robot

Engineers working on the “behind” of one of their Disney robots.


3/ Postmortem family photo

A family posing for a photograph with their dead daughter. It was custom at the time to take photographs of someone at birth, marriage and death.


4/ Reunion of the Mickey Mouse Club

Strange looking out at a sea of faces with a Mickey mask. They look like bank robbers!


5/ The Hell’s Café in Paris

Literaly Hell’s Cafe, this establishment had a gory decoration that was a little disturbing but didn’t raises eyebrows in the end of the 19th Century.