Summer jobs: 10 of the best seasonal jobs for students

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Are you a student looking for a summer job to help you earn a little extra cash?  Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to look.  Here are ten jobs that you could try if you are looking for short term seasonal work this summer! 

1/ Cashier

A cashier is without a doubt one of the most common summer jobs but it is also one of the most effective.  All supermarkets need to reinforce their cashier staff during the summer months.  If you are looking for a summer job you can apply directly to many companies for the same type of job. What does the job involved?  You simply need to welcome clients at the till and always have a cheery smile!  As a cashier you might also be asked to work at the reception, customer services are other similar roles.

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2/ Street seller

We might not think about it by street sellers at markets often recruit during the summer months.  This is a high period for markets so they need extra pairs of hands.  they could be looking for some to work at weekly markets or a food festivals during the summer.  Get in contact with local suppliers and find out if they are looking for someone to help them out.  Remember that you need to be able to get up early… on the bright side you will finish early too!

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3/ Waitress or barmaid

This is another common summer job as many bars and restaurants are looking for extra staff during their high season.  They like to take advantage of the influx of tourists!  However this is a physical jobs the working hours are not always very sociable depending on what type of serving job you get.

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4/ Children’s playworker

Many people manage to get jobs as children’s play workers in summer camps.  You will need to get disclosure to work with children and often previous experience working with children helps.  Although it can be a lot of fun and highly rewarding, remember this is a tiring job as you always need to be full of energy!

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5/ Au pair or babysitter

If you are looking for a summer job that allows you to travel and learn about a new culture why not work as an au pair.  You will be taken in by a host family so that you can look after their children and do some household chores.  In exchange for this work you are housed and fed free of charge and given a little pocket money.  When you select your host family be careful that they are not out to take advantage of you.  An au pair isn’t a nanny or a taxi driver.  Yo should also be given enough free time so that you can explore and get to know the area…

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