Sex: 7 scientifically proven reasons why you should have sex regularly


Many studies have shown that having sex every day or at least regularly can have very positive effects on your health, well-being and your body in general.  Why should you deprive yourself of some fun in the bedroom! Here are 7 reasons that are scientifically proven for why you should have sex more regularly! 

It is not as if it is tiresome so there is no reason why you shouldn’t be having sex with your partner. It can keep you in shape and in good health!  However remember that you should always be protected. Each person should feel comfortable and not feel pressured into doing something they don’t want.  You just need to let go and enjoy this shared moment with your partner plus there are so many benefits!

1/ Have sex to reduce aches and pains

Having an orgasm releases endorphins in our body.   Endorphins can help to relieve pain. Although it is not quite as effective as morphine it can help to reduce daily or menstrual aches and pains.

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Credit: Pixabay

2/  Have sex regularly to increase your fertility

The American scientific journal Fertility and Sterility has shown that by having sex regularly a woman’s immune system prepares itself for a potential pregnancy.

3/ Sex is like a medicine

A team of researchers from Wikes University in Pennsylvania have shown that people who have sex at least twice per week release antigens, in particular an immunoglobulin antigen.  The substance can apparently help to fight a cold or the flu. So instead of heading straight to the pharmacy when you feel like you are coming down with something you know what you should do instead!

4/ Have sex regularly so you can stay in good health

David Weeks, a researcher and psychologist has carried out many research projects about age and aging.  A panel was asked to guess the age of 3,500 men and women of varying ages and who had sex at varying regularity.  The tests showed that people who had sex three times per week seemed to look between 7 and 12 years younger!  Does that mean having sex is a way to stay youthful?

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