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10 scandalous popes throughout history who had racy sex lives!

Nobody’s perfect. But for the pope, if there is one rule that they are supposed to respect, it’s chastity. That said, they are still men, like any other, and born with primitive instincts that can be difficult to suppress. As you will see in this list, popes throughout history were far from perfect, some of them not even bothering to hide their sexual exploits. Here are a few Pontiffs who were seduced by the desires of the flesh.

1/ Pope Benedict IX

According to his successor Victor III, Benedict IX was the worst pope in the history of the pontificate, having committed several rapes and slept with married women. Other critics accused him of organising orgies with people of both sex. In 1045, he stepped down from the papacy in order to get married. Not the most common path for a pope!

Credits: Wikipedia

2/ Pope Leo X

Pope Leo X was a homosexual who was in the habit of having regular sex with members of the bourgeoisie. Apparently he had a different man every day!

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3/ Pope Sixtus IV

Sixtus IV was reputed to appreciate the pleasures of the flesh with many handsome young men of his day, who he appointed as bishops in return for sexual favours. As a result: the clergy was made up of very young cardinals, one more handsome than the next! It was even reported that he authorised the practice of sodomy in summer…..

Credits: Wikipedia

4/ Pope John XII

If we are to believe the claims of the monk Benedict of Soracte, Pope John XII had a collection of women. Other people accused him of having slept with his niece and with certain widows who crossed his path. Sure, these claims came from his rivals, but all the same…

Credits: Wikipedia

5/ Pope Alexander VI

Pope Alexander VI fathered more than 8 children, all with different women. The children were either adopted or married under his governance into rivaling families.

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