Beer: 10 benefits of drinking beer in moderation


If you drink beer excessively then this habit can cause major risks for your health.  Everyone knows that alcohol can be harmful for the body if drunk in excessive quantities.  That being said, if you drink beer in moderation, it can help to prevent some health problems.  So can beer, if drunk in moderation help you to live better? Let’s look at ten reasons why drinking beer can be good for you!

For a few years now we have been aware that drinking a glass of red wine per day can be good for your heart.  This excuse is used by many to justify their glass of vino to accompany their evening meal, especially in France.  However is the same true for beer as well?  It seems that there are more benefits for drinking beer (in moderation) than you might have imagined.  Here are some of the reasons why drinking beer could be good for your health as long as it is not drunk excessively.

1/ Beer can prevent osteoporosis

Beer contains an significant amount of silicon which helps bone tissues to develop.  If consumed in moderate quantities, beer can therefore help to prevent osteoporosis.  A study from 2009 showed that people who drunk one or two glasses per day had a higher bone density than others.  However people who drunk more beer were more prone to fractures

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Credits: Pixabay

2/ Beer can limit the risk of heart attacks

There are some studies that suggest that drinking beer daily can help to prevent cardio vascular illnesses.  Figures are impressive as apparently there is a 25 to 40% less of a risk of having a heart attack if your regularly drink beer.  Beer also contains good cholesterol which can prevent your arteries from becoming obstructed.

3/ It can improve kidney functioning

We already know that water can help kidneys to work better.  However the water found in beer can naturally help your kidneys.  However you can prevent kidney stones thanks to the hops found in beer.  If you drink small quantities of beer regularly the risk of developing kidney stones falls by 40% according to some studies.

4/ Avoid neuro-degenerative illnesses

Some studies suggest that a beer drinker is less prone to neuro-degenerative illnesses like Alzheimer’s…

5/ Beer against cancer

As well as drinking beer you can also use it in the kitchen.  Omnivores increase their risk of cancer by eating meat.  If you add a couple of drops of beer when you cook the meat, 70% of the heterocyclic amines (carcinogenic agents that are released when the meat is cooked) will disappear.  However you shouldn’t gobble down meat at every mealtime!

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