Men and shopping: 15 hilarious images of men desperately waiting for their partner

Credit: Pinterest screenshots

When your partner is a shopaholic it is difficult to avoid the packed crowds that hit the shops. Some devoted partners find any way that they can to occupy themselves so as to pass the time. Or not in some cases… men and shopping don’t always make a good combination!

Men and shopping don’t always see eye to eye. They are often not cut out to traipse around the shops for hours. However when their partner asks them to take them on a trip to the shops it’s often difficult to refuse if you don’t want to appear like a uninterested lout. After entering the dreaded shopping centre, men know how to entertain themselves whiles their missus heads to the changing room to make her choice… or not as is often the case! Here are 15 hilarious images which show men and shopping just don’t mix!

1/ Completely annoyed

Theirs faces say it all.

2/ Sinking down

This man and his little boy (on the right) submerged by baskets and shopping are not ready to repeat this experience again… patience has it’s limits.

3/ Regressing to childhood games

When your patience makes you regress to childhood…

4/ A welcome bed

In IKEA beds are ready to try out. Thank heavens!

5/A comfort test

Fortunately there are life models…