14 quirky, funny or sexist beer ads

Beer ads with a funny, sexist, subliminal or provocative twist

On the television, the radio or in the papers, we have no shortage of beer ads. And consumers never seem to get tired of them! How can we refuse a cold beer after a hard day’s work, on a summer’s evening, or before dinner with the family? Here are a number of beer ads sure to tempt you to wet your whistle.

1/ Ursus

Subliminal messaging?

Credits : Ursus

2/ Carlton Mid

Any more sexist, and you die.

3/ Coors

“If you go beyond your limit, please don’t drive. PHONE HOME.”

Credits : Coors

4/ Heineken

Bottoms up!

Credits : Heineken

5/ Heineken

Christ the Redeemer reincarnated as a bottle opener…. They’re an ambitious bunch, at Heineken!

Credits : Heineken