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Unusual: 10 physical characteristics only 5% of the population have

Credit: YouTube Screenshot: "10 Caractéristiques Corporelles Que Seul 5% Des Gens Possèdent", SYMPA

Although we are all human, we are not all created the same.  In fact some of us have some unusual physical characteristics and constitutions that are quite different from the rest.  Some people are born with differences that very few of the world’s population are gifted with.

Everyone in the world is unique.  Depending on where we come from we don’t have the same culture, way of living and physical characteristics.  However some people have developed very unusual qualities that few people are gifted with.  Here are ten unique characteristics that only 5% of the population can boast about having!

1/ Golden Blood

Very few people have got “golden” blood… It does not means their blood is golden in colour.  In fact this term refers to the fact that their blood doesn’t contain antigens. Normally, the human body has around 342 antigens.  Of this number there are around 160 antigens common to everyone.  If a person does not have these antigens then there blood is certainly unusual.  What is more these blood donors are really sought after as they can give their blood to anyone.

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YouTube Screenshot: “10 Caractéristiques Corporelles Que Seul 5% Des Gens Possèdent”, SYMPA

2/ A Double Line of Eyelashes

Distichiasis is a rare genetic disorder in which a person has a double line of eyelashes for the price of one.  This is great if you want to save money on mascara… The American actress Elizabeth Taylor was gifted with this unusual physical quality!

Elizabeth Taylor star
Photo credit: Wikipedia

3/ Such dense bones they won’t break in a road accident

Apparently only 5% of people have more solid (or dense) bones than others due to a mutation of the LRP5 gene. These bones are so strong that they can even resist a road accident. However having such strong bones can have its negative side effects… The excessive bone growth can develop pressure of the nerves and  brain and in the worst case scenario can even lead to hearing loss.

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YouTube Screenshot: “10 Caractéristiques Corporelles Que Seul 5% Des Gens Possèdent”, SYMPA

4/ Another hole in your ear

This extra hole, which looks identical to an earing, is in fact a congenital atrial fistula.  The orifice appears in the mother’s womb during the development of the fetus. This physical peculiarity apparently only affects 5% of people worldwide, with less than 1% of them in the United States. According to scientists, this hereditary hole comes from the gills of our ancestors.

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5/ Almost no sign of cholesterol regardless of what you eat

Some lucky people can eat burgers all day long without any fear of increasing their cholesterol levels. This is of course not a reason to eat fast food all day long but it does mean that their risk of developing a heart related illness reduces by about 90%!  This rare genetic mutation is caused by a lack of gene PCSK9 copies.  

burger fast food cholestérol