Striking differences: 20 things you realise when you make the comparison

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15/ Basketball players and their cheerleaders

The height difference is striking! It is enough for you to lose your sense of a normal height…

16/ LED street lights Vs Ordinary street lights

Urban streetlights have a long way to go until they become entirely eco friendly!

17/ Titanic Vs a Modern day cruise ship

The so-called Unsinkable Titanic, pales into insignificance when put alongside popular modern day cruise liners!

18/ The biggest tyre in the world Vs the smallest

What vehicle uses the big one and what uses the small? We’ll leave you brain cogs to turn for a bit…

19/ Small orange juice Vs Medium orange juice at McDonalds

This is how they make their margin… we’ve been duped! You know what size you’ll choose the next time!

20/ Interior side of a door handle Vs exterior side when you live near the sea

The corrosion of door handles is not something we talk about often!

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