South Korea: 10 strange customs that are very normal for South Koreans

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South Korea is a country full of contrasts.  Between traditions and modernity, ancestral rituals and the latest technology, South Koreans are full of surprises! 

South Korean manages to mix ancient traditions with the world’s latest high tech equipment with astonishing results.  For example the have a driven work ethic in built into their culture with some school classes not finishing until ten o’clock at night… Here are some of strange South Korean custom that are part of normal everyday life for the country’s inhabitants!

1/ Churches in South Korea offer free dentist and hairdresser appointments to their most devote worshipers church goers

About four times per year, some churches offer their most devote church goers free hairdresser or dentist appointments. Do they think pampering their congregation will help keep them for longer? Strangely, some churches also hand out freebies to promote the church such as hand wipes! Goodies aren’t just for businesses in South Korea!

Eglise en Corée du Sud
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2/ Pregnant women receive 500 dollars and an identification accessory for accessible seating in the metro

Pregnant women from South Korea receive a bank card credited with 500 dollars and a special accessory to identify them in the metro. This system allows pregnant women to take a more accessible rose coloured seat. Pregnant women also have reserved parking in front of public buildings similar to disabled places. These places can be used up to six months after giving birth. Is this an incentive to start a family?

femme enceinte en corée
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3/ An official law imposes office employees to switch off their computer on Friday night

Work addiction is very common in South Korea. So as to improve employees work life balance, the government has voted for a law to combat this addiction to work. They now impose office employees to switch off their computer on Friday night. The only problem is not all Koreans are happy about this new law…

Travail Corée du Sud
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4/One or several rolls of toilet paper is an excellent gift for a flat warming

South Koreans like to offer and receive gift, as long as they are useful and can be used. If you are going to a flat warming, rolls of toilet roll will be highly appreciated!

papier toilette coréen
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5/ Many couples wear identical outfits

It is common to see couple over the age of twenty wearing matching twin outfits! Couples like to show their lover to the world. In fact some shops sell matching outfits especially for lovebirds.