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Spring in the city: 15 of the most colourful streets in the world

Credit: Pinterest screenshots

Spring is one of the most spectacular seasons. Flowers blossom, trees are replenished and flower-filled streets fill the cities with delectable aromas and beautiful sights to behold!

Spring has sprung! This season is filled with vibrant colour and delightful smells. City streets and countryside landscapes are transformed into an Impressionist artist’s masterpieces. It is the perfect time to wander city streets soaking in the scents and colours above you. Here are 15 colourful streets that will immerse you in the magic of spring, filled with glorious smells and colours.

1/ Flower-filled streets of Grafton, Australia

A tree archway adorned with purple flowers when you can take refuge.

2/ Stockholm, Sweden

In the Swedish capital, cherry blossom adds a fairy tale feel to city-dwellers’ daily life.

3/ Taiwan

A road lined with perfectly aligned trees to delight passersby, regardless who they are…

4/ Valence, Spain

A colourful archway takes over the roads of Valence, spreading the fragrant smell of holidays!

5/ Cullinan, South Africa

We already smell the delicate smells of these entangled wisteria trees!

6/ Molyvos, Lesbos, Greece

A giant wisteria tree takes over the flower-filled streets of Lesbos in Greece, letting locals and visitors alike shelter from the sun under a fragrant parasol.

7/ Positano, Italy

An immense pergola shelters visitors to this Italian city from the burning sun.

8/ Colourful streets of Spello, Italy

In the Italian city of Spello you can stumble across flower filled streets to your great delight.