Architectural wonders: 18 of the most majestic libraries in the world

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There are many architectural wonders around the world.  However some of the most impressive building interiors can be found in national libraries.  Here are 18 majestic libraries that will make you want to stick your nose into a good book! 

Libraries are symbols for human’s intellectual progress.  In fact national libraries continue to be a place for scholars to read and learn.  Have a look at the grand and impressive libraries in the list below.  These temples of knowledge are filled with cultural treasures!

1/ National Library in Prague, Czech Republic

The National Library in Prague was founded in the 16th century.  It is located in the centre of the Charles II University and is found in the Clementinum.

ancienne blibliothèque
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2/ Largest monastery library in Ardmont Abbey, Austria

Admont Abbey in Austria is recognised world-wide for its incredible library.  The library, intricately decorated in a late baroque style, holds no less than 180,000 books and 1,400 manuscripts.   It also is home to other historical documents like the Encyclopedia of Diderot and Alembert (1758)…

bibliothèques nationales
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3/ Trinity College Library, Dublin, Ireland

Trinity College Library is the biggest library in Ireland.  It is home to many medieval manuscripts and ancient Irish literature.  The library also houses the famous Book of Kells or otherwise known as Book of Columba.  A digitized version of the manuscript is now available online.

bibliotheque du Trinity College
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4/ Royal Portuguese Library, Rio, Brazil

The Royal Portuguese Library is not often visited by tourists but it is certainly worth the visit.  It is a real architectural jewel dating back to the 19th century.  It is also one of the most beautiful national libraries in the world, home to a large collection of rare books.

bibliothèques nationales
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5/ George Peabody Library, Baltimore, United States

The national George Peabody library is part of John Hopkins University in Baltimore.  It is located in the centre of the campus in the historic area of Mount Vernon-Belvedere.  All collections in the library are available to the general public as requested by the famous businessman, banker and philanthropist George Peabody.  He wanted to create a library that “could be used freely by anyone who wished “.

bibliothèques nationales
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6/ St John Library, Cambridge, England

The Old Library of St John’s College in Cambridge is an old library connected to the Third Court. It was built between 1623 and 1628 largely thanks to the gifts and efforts of the Bishop of Exeter and Lincoln.

Cambridge visiter
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7/ The National Library of France, Paris

François Mitterand the library this new title in 1995.  It holds royal collections that date bate to the end of the Middle Ages.

bibliotheques nationales de france
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