Optical illusions: 26 unbelievable images that will blow your mind

Credit: Pinterest Screenshots Edited by La Liste

Optical illusions can play games with your eyes and your brain. Have a look at these optical illusions below to find out what you see!

Do you believe in what you see or see what you believe? This is the question put forward by Joseph Jastrow, the famous American psychologist from the 1980 s. He was particularly popular for ambiguous drawings and optical illusions including the duck-rabbit. From our eyes to our brain, these images can play tricks on our mind. Here are 26 surprising optical illusions as proof!

1/ Rabbit or duck?

What do you see a duck or a rabbit? Perhaps you see both… TheAmerican psychologist, Joseph Jastrow must have confused more than one of his patients!

illusions d'optique incroyables lapin canard
Credits photo: Wikimedia Commons

2/ Spirals that make you dizzy!

Do you see spirals? However there aren’t any really!


3/ An old man or people?

Do you see an old man with white hair or two people stopped under a porch? This painting by Octavio Ocampo can leave you confused!

4/ Fixed or moving?

No it isn’t a moving GIF image.. The proof can be seen with it’s .jpg extension!

formes psychédéliques

5/ Penrose Triangle

The Penrose Triangle and its impossible line was conceived by the mathematician of the same name.

triangle de Penrose

6/ Fixed or moving?

Are the leaves blowing in the wind? This image isn’t moving even if it looks like it is!

22 illusions optique incroyables (12)

7/ How many faces do you see?

Do you see different faces in this picture?

8/ What size is the orange circle?

Look closely at the orange circle. It actually doesn’t change size at all!


9/ A waterfall or a pilgrimage?

A torrent of pilgrims in the bright morning sun!