South Korea: 10 strange customs that are very normal for South Koreans

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6/ Sampling foods in the supermarket before buying it

In South Korea, it is normal to sample foods in supermarkets. Although this behaviour could be considered as stealing in Britain, it is common practice in South Korea. Samples are available for most products and if necessary, customers won’t hesitate to sample their food before buying it!

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7/ There are no bins in the street

If you want to throw away any rubbish you need to go to the public toilets. South Koreans are so clean, they don’t even need to install public bins!

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8/ Some underground trains have themed art

Some metro trains go all out on the decor and pay homage to several fictional characters appreciated by both the young and the old alike.


9/ Middle and high school students stay at school very late

Young South Koreans work flat out! From nursery age, chidren stay at school from 9 am to 6pm while in middle school some finish at 10 pm and in high school others can finish at midnight!

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10/ Nursery schools wear colour coding

Although Britain still has a system of school uniforms unlike France or Spain, in South Korea children are colour coded per class so they are not lost in school. They also wear colourful clothes so that they don’t go missing on out of school excursions in the city.

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South Korean customs are full of surprises! 

Find out more about these strange customs in the video below:

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