Most dangerous animals: Stay well clear of these ten animals!

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Our planet is full of diverse living creatures.  These differences are one of the reasons why our animal kingdom is so beautiful.  However some animals have wild tempers and a venomous bite, two very good reasons to stay well clear!  Here is a list of the top ten most dangerous animals in the world that you should try to avoid at all costs!  

1/ Hippopotamus

These enormous animals like to paddle in the water and then bask in the sun.  Although hippos weigh several tonnes it doesn’t stop then from running fast! For short distances, hippopotamus can reach speeds of 40 km/ h! It is best to not get too close to their territory which they will defend at all costs… I Hippos aren’t afraid to charge at an elephant or a lion, so just imagine what it could do to a human being!  Scientists believe hippopotamus’ instinctive brutality has allowed this species to survive.  With strength like this, hippos are certainly one of the most dangerous animals in the world!

most dangerous animals
Credits: hbieser/Pixabay

2/ Fire ants

They are red and they bite!   Their venom is reputed for being one of the most painful in the world, but it is not deadly (except in allergy cases).  Fire ants are very dangerous animals and have an impressive capacity to increase in numbers.  Originally from Brazil, fire ants can also be found in the USA and in Asia.  When they come up against an obstacle they work together to construct living, moving at bridges or towers.  These ant structures allow them to cross expanses of water.  This nomadic species can constructs their anthills all over the place and can destroy the surrounding plants.

most dangerous animals
Credits: 821292/Pixabay

3/ Globefish

This fish might look funny and harmless but never judge a book by its cover! In Japan this fish is called fugu and is considered an expensive delicacy.  However this fish is also the second most venomous animal in the world.  In order to cook this fish you need to have the know-how and specific techniques so that those who eat the delicacy won’t die.  Japanese chefs therefore have to have a special qualification that allows them to prepare globe fish dishes.  All the same there are several deaths per year due to the consumption of fugu. If it isn’t not prepared correctly, this fish can cause horrendous symptoms! You’d be better to order something else off the menu…

most dangerous animals
Credits: Nicoproductions/iSotck

4/ Tsetse fly

Found in Africa, this fly is the most dangerous in the world. Just like mosquitoes, the fly feeds off the blood of living creatures that gets in its way.  However unlike mosquitoes, the females and males are hematophagous (blood-sucking).  When the tsetse fly bites the victims skin, whether it is animal or human, it transfers minuscule parasites into the blood.  These parasites cause what is called “the sleeping disease“.  The first symptoms are a sore head, fever and muscle pain.  If the illness isn’t seen to quickly, the symptoms worsen and can upset the person’s sleep cycle after affecting the nervous system.  There is no treatment which can prevent this illness, so precautionary steps must be taken instead.

most dangerous animals
Credits: travail personnel de Nevit Dilmen/Wikimedia Commons

5/ African buffalo

Buffaloes are animals that like to live in herds. Community life is very important to them which is why buffaloes would do anything to save one of their comrades in danger. They can respond to any attack with their 900 kg of muscle and powerful speeds of 35 km / h!  The physical power of African buffaloes together with their aggressive character means that they are one of the most dangerous animals in the world.  There are even capable of perusing hunters and attacking them by surprise. This buffalo could be considered as the African serial killer, as it causes the death of around 100 people each year.

most dangerous animals
Credits : wiggijo /Pixabay