Striking differences: 20 things you realise when you make the comparison

Credit: Pinterest screenshots / Edit:

8/ Street in wartime Vs in peacetime

This street corner 70 years ago was a tragic battlefield whereas now it is a calm corner of town!

9/ Liquor store parking Vs Optician’s parking

Everyone has difficulties…

10/ Mother Vs Daughter

The mother is to the left and the daughter to the right. This half in half portrait is rather striking in particular how much they look like one another.

11/ End of summer Vs Autumn

In a few weeks time this buildings facade will have completely changed colour! No need for paint if you have wall plants!

12/ Teenager Vs After puberty has kicked in

Speedy transformation!

13/ Elephant foot Vs Human foot

One thing is for sure our feet are much lighter!

14/ Human skeleton VS Gorilla skeleton

No need to be so haughty…