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Cultural differences: 12 funny cartoons comparing Asian and Western culture

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Cultural ideas and customs can be shared between countries to enrich our own traditions and ideas. Cultural differences, whether it is between Asian and Western cultures, between European countries or even USA states, is what makes places fascinating to visit and explore! Here are some funny cartoons sketched by Siya, the creator of Tiny Eyes Comics, which is a series of comics looking at culture differences in everyday life between Western and Asian culture. Her drawings are both accurate and funny. Have a look for yourself!

Siya is a young Chinese illustrator who has already created many comics. Her preferred subject is the many cultural differences between Western and Asian culture. As well as these differences, she likes to highlight the universal values that we all share as humans, whatever our cultural heritage. Here is a selection of the best mini cartoons from this illustrator which will be sure to make you smile.

1/ How to say you don’t agree

Ways to express disagreement can be a culturally different. In France people don’t tend to beat around the bush to tell you they disagree while in the United States and Britain we don’t like give a direct negative answer. As for Chinese people they seem to not give a definitive at all and let you decide for yourself!

2/ French menu vs Chinese Menu

Some cultures prefer to see their meals so the can directly visualise what they are getting while others prefer to write descriptive imagery of their dishes so you can imagine. Difficult to choose what you’ve prefer: Ikea or Shakespeare…

3/ Eating habits (portion sizes)

Depending on the continent, eating habits aren’t always the same. Neither are portion sizes…

4/ Glass of water in a restaurant

In the United State water is drunk with ice, in France it is sparkling while in China it is hot! Who is right and who is wrong?

5/ Road architecture

Nothing is out of line in Beijing whereas in Paris the streets are a bit sporadic. However in Venice the streets are complete bazaar! These three sketches say a lot about the cities’ architecture.

6/ Exclamations when you are in pain

Depending on what country you come from we don’t express pain in the same way!