Workplace differences: 10 culturally different ways to work around the world

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Differences in the work place vary from country to country.  This is normal as working environments and laws are never the same whether you live in Britain, France, China or Japan…  Here is a list of 10 workplace differences around the world!

None of us have the same way of working nor the same rules in the work place.  Some people always play by the book while others know how to work the system.  Sometimes professional differences can seem weird in the eyes of others but normal in other countries.

1/ In Germany you could be threatened with warnings of being fired if you eat at your desk

The strong smells of the various types of food and sound of chewing does not help the concentration of employees.  At least this is what the majority of German companies believe.  They can even threaten their employees with firing warnings if they don’t follow these food rules…  You’d be better to exit the office space if you want to eat your ham and cheese sandwich!

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2/ In China a fold down bed is available for everyone under their workstation

If you have to work in front of a computer, employees in China are given a fold down bed under their desk or in a place nearby.  Taking a nap is an essential part of the Chinese work day and in general day to day life.  However employees tend to eat really quickly so they have time to catch a cat nap.  Not a bad idea in the end!

différences professionnelles
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3/ In Japan sleeping at your desk is considered highly by employers

In Japan if you are slumped in front of your computer it is a sign that you have worked really hard!  In Britain, this sort of behaviour would make you look lazy or not very hard working… It is funny, the workplace differences around the work!

différences professionnelles
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4/ Every month in the Netherlands employees meet for drinks with colleagues paid for by their company

Resting and relaxing are values that are highly considered by Dutch employers.  This is why every month an afterwork gathering is organised by the employer so that you can get to know your colleagues in a more relaxed environment. Some companies even give their employees a two week holiday bonus depending on how many hours they have worked which is calculated through a computer programme.

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5/ Once per year on World Health Day, Israeli employers must offer massages to their employees

In Britain we might not have heard of World Health Day.  However in Israel it is taken seriously.  Bosses rent out spas so as to offer their employees massages and other care treatments.  This would be a great health law to be adopted in Britain!

différences professionnelles
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