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Retro sweets: Eighties and nineties sweets we all loved!

Credit: Pinterest screenshots/ Wikimedia Edited by: TheWonderlist

7/ Fruit Winders

This was a great invention to occupy children and they didn’t contain any additive or colourings.  They were a lot of fun to eat as everyone had there own technique.  The most common technique was probably to roll it into a ball before eating it… What did you do?

retro 90s sweets
Credit: Wikipedia

8/ Jawbreaker sweets

These were massive sweets that when you were small was often difficult to get into your mouth.  They also turned your tongue various unnatural colours like all sweets in the nineties!

retro 90s sweets
Credit: Flicker/ jackie

9/ Sherbet Fountain

Not everyone’s favourite but certainly a sweet that reminds you of the nineties era.  We seemed to like dipping sticks of sugar or licorice into candy sugar…

retro 90 sweets
Credit: mrbpbs / Flickr

10/ Frosty Cola Sweets

These sugar coated sweets that turned into a sticky ball in your mouth were a firm favourite.  You’d also go around with a red tongue for the red of the day!

11/ Chewits

These sweets were a classic choice from the tuck shop and wouldn’t cost you a fortune! You’d only need 10 / 15 p spare!

12/ Refreshers

Another excellent classic from the eighties and nineties that we all knew and loved.  It was always difficult to tell whether there was a difference in flavour between the differing colours.


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