9 problems from the 90s that don’t exist any more!

The 90s were full of technological innovation, although the most of the era’s technology didn’t withstand the test of time. But fortunately, it lives on in our memories! For the great nostalgics among you, here are the problems that everyone who lived through the 90s will remember. 

1) Your Tamagotchi dying

Unfortunately, our little virtual pet only very rarely survived a whole school day without being fed. You had no option but to do the obvious: mourn and reset.

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2) A video tape that hasn’t been rewound

It’s the perfect afternoon for watching a film. But the minute you press play, you realise that your little brother hasn’t rewound the tape. You have to waste a good five minutes of your time rewinding it, before you can start your favourite film.

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3) Your Discman not fitting in your pocket

Well before MP3 players and smartphones, the Discman was THE way to listen to your music with your headphones. Even if on a practical level, there was room for improvement, the Discman was something you simply could not do without.


4) Having to wait several hours for a dial-up internet connection

With the digital age of today, it’s hard to imagine that only a few short years ago, connecting to the internet was a considerable challenge, that would test the patience of a saint. We were a long way from video chats with a few clicks of a phone!


5) Having to find the right CD to burn a game or a disc