Restful sleep: Discover 10 purifying and calming house plants


You might be surprised to learn that some house plants can help to improve your quality of sleep.  If you are planning on adding some greenery to your bedroom take a look at these 10 wonderfully soothing plants! 

Indoor plants can not only decorate a house, but the can also have an effect on your health.  Some plants are known for their soothing, purifying and calming qualities.  However some are even capable of improving your quality of sleep.  Here are 10 house plants that will help you get a good night’s sleep!

Can some house plants help overcome insomnia?

For a long time people said that you shouldn’t have house plants in their bedroom.  However nowadays, scientific studies have shown that we have everything to gain by sharing our bedroom with some uplifting greenery.  At night, plants release CO2 but only in very small quantities.  Some plants have necessary qualities that allow them to help reduce insomnia and even sleep apnea.  So there really is no reason why you shouldn’t have house plants in your bedroom!

1/ Lavender

Lavender is an excellent natural sedative!  It is hardly surprising that its properties are extracted and then used in lots of relaxing products.  Scientists who have studied its affect have concluded that this plant can help to reduce blood pressure by relaxing your cardio rhythm.  The effect means that you have a deeper sleep and find it much easier to fall asleep.

lavande plantes vertes
Credit: Pxhere

2/ Jasmine

Whatever the variety, jasmine will help you to get to sleep and can calm any anxiety.  How can you resist its delicious perfume?

fleur de jasmin
Credit: Flickr

3/ Chlorophytum comosum, (or the spider plant)

This house plant  with its scattered hair has the gift of absorbing benzene, toluene, xylene and formaldehyde,as well as carbon monoxide.  The plant can also clean the air inside a room and get rid of smoke.  As well as all these amazing qualities this plant can help you get to sleep and aide apnea attacks!  .

plante verte
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

4/ Gerbera

The Gerbera flower is very similar to a daisy although it is much more colourful.  The plant cleans the air and is able to resolve any sleeping difficulties, nocturnal apnea and breathing difficulties.

fleur de gerbera
Credit: Pixabay

5/ Gardenia

Gardenia has relaxing properties and can reduce nocturnal apnea.  It also benefits from having continual foliage and lovely scented flowers.

fleur de gardénia
Credit: Max Pixel