16 souvenirs to make you smile if you grew up in the 90s

As well as your cherished memories, certain objects and accessories are sure to have punctuated your childhood. For those who grew up in the 1990s, it was discmans, Tamagotchis, cassette tapes, videos and such like that characterised the era. Here are 12 things that are sure to bring you back, if your childhood or adolescent took place just before the turn of the century. Nostalgia, here we come…

1/ Looking for the song lyrics on the insert in a cassette case

Not a bad system, when we think about it!

2/ The “waiting for the internet” special: Solitaire, Minesweeper, Paint and Space Cadet

We made do with what we had! Nowadays, if the internet is too slow, it’s your 4G USB stick that takes the baton…

3/ Childhood then vs now

We certainly have no regrets.

4/ Disposable cameras, that meant you had to wait a week for your photos

Before realising just how bad your snaps were…

5/ Writing song names on blank CDs

Well you had to have some way of identifying them, after having copied a ton of your friend’s CDs!