Optical illusions: 26 unbelievable images that will blow your mind

Credit: Pinterest Screenshots Edited by La Liste

19/ Where is Napoleon’s ghost?

Can you spot Napoleons’s ghost in this painting?

20/ Man or a woman ?

The face of a man or the body of a woman?

trompe l'oeil

21/ Are the spirals moving?

Is the spiral turning on its own? Your mind is playing tricks on you!

illusion d'optique

22/ How many faces do you see?

Do you see two faces? There is an old woman or a young lady…

23/ Stare at the central point and keep looking

Stare at the dark central point; move your head towards the screen and then move your head backward. You not alone if you start to see the circles moving!

illusions optique

24/ Musicians or old people?

Can you see two musicians or two old people?

25/ How many faces can you see?

In fact there are 11 in total.. you’ll just have to look harder!

26/ A skull or a baker?

Is it a skull or a baker putting bread in the oven? Ocampo is still playing tricks on us!

Fun and surprising optical illusions!

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