Optical illusions: 26 unbelievable images that will blow your mind

Credit: Pinterest Screenshots Edited by La Liste

10/ How many black dots do you see?

Try to count the number of dots you see…

trompe l'oeil

11/ What direction is the metro going??

If you look closely enough you can see that the metro runs in both directions!

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12/ Beautiful optical illusion

This mystical image can leave you feeling perplexed!

13/ Bouquet of flowers or hidden lovers?

Can you find the hidden lovers in this bouquet of flowers?

14/ What colour is the middle triangle?

In fact the triangle is exactly the same colour…

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15/ Sleeping on the ground..

Snow covered paving stones or comfy beds? The Canadian artist, Robert Gonsalves lets us decide!

16/ How fast are the two triangles moving?

The two coloured triangles are moving at the same speede…

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17/ A cycle path without a start or a finish

Rob Gonsalves makes us dizzy with upside down cycle paths!

18/ Stare at the cross and what do you see

These famous celebrities will start to look uglier and uglier the longer you fix your eyes on the cross. Here is the video, so you can watch it in a full screen for a greater effect!

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