Laws of gravity: 14 incredible gravity defying sculptures

Credit: Pinterest screenshots Gerry Judah/David MacCracken/Jerzy Kedziora

8/ Exotic trapeze artist, Jerzy Kedziora

Jerzy Kedziora’s new sculpture perfectly captures the movement of a lightly swinging trapeze artist. However the material used to make the structure doesn’t look the lightest…

9/ Boy with a dolphin, David Wynne

Boy with a Dolphin, is a sculpture by David Wynne created in 1975. It can be seen in the upmarket Chelsea district of London. The beautiful sculpture is dedicated to the artist’s son, Roland, who tragically in 1999 aged 35 year old but who posed for his father’s sculpture aged 11.

10/ Upside down car and unzipping a building, Alex Chinneck

Unzipping an abandoned building or an upside down car are just some of the incredible artworks made by Alex Chinneck! These gravity defying sculptures blow you away!

11/ Magical fountain, Switzerland

This incredible optical illusion is created thanks to a transparent tube in the centre of the water column which is holding the tap in place while still continuing to feed the tap from below. The water rises into the tube and then cascades down from the top.

12/ Flying rocks, Smaban Abbas

Smaban Abbas created this incredible, levitating double structure which can be seen at the Caire Airport in Egypt.

13/ Levitating baby, Marc Quinn

Planet is a giant sculpture by Marc Quinn which is erected in the Gardens by the Bay park in Singapore.

14/ Sand sculpture in Puerto-Rico

Our childhood sand castles put to shame with this magnificent piece of beach art.

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