Unusual Apps: 11 strange applications to simplify your life

Credit: TheWonderlist, Piktochart

Smartphones certainly have their pros and their cons.  Most people couldn’t live without their phone while others are desperately trying to go back in time and live without the latest technology.  However with a constant access to internet and the wealth of apps on offer, it is exceedingly difficult to escape the world of smartphones.  Here are 11 strange apps that could really help to simplify your life.  

Nowadays, there is no need to wait in line at the cinema to buy your tickets, wake up extra early to check in for an early flight or struggle to find your hotel in an unknown city… These are just some of the positive aspects of smartphones and their multitude of apps.  Let’s take a look at 11 strange but practical apps that can help you get through daily life.  Watch out you might be downloading some after you have read this article!

1/ Glimmer, An app that wakes you up gradually

Does the painful sound of your alarm that jolts you awake every morning get on your nerves? You can get up more peacefully with the French app called Glimmer which is free and available on Android.  It wakes you up gradually by respecting your sleep cycles.  The concept of the app is simple.  You can chose a photo that is soothing, a beautiful countryside for example, and then regulate your integrated alarm.  The next morning, instead of being briskly awoken, your phone will gradually start to glimmer light.  Your phone is basically simulating the sun coming up, telling you it is time to get up!

Glimmer, is a free app, available on Android and on tablets.

2/ Olio, App to prevent food waste

Olio is a social application that helps to prevent food waste by connecting communities so they can share food.  It aims to connect neighbours and business who have food that will otherwise go to waste with people willing to take the food off their hands.  This innovative start-up is a fantastic example of small steps being a great way to make a difference to our planet.  If you love food but hate wasting food you haven’t had time to eat, then this is the app for you.  By downloading this app you can not only reduce food waste but start to connect with your local community in a fun and different way.

Olio, Free application available on the AppleStore and Google Play.

3/ FidMe, way to have all your loyalty cards in one place

This is a virtual card purse that allows you to store all your loyalty cards in one place.  All you need to do is scan your card, whether it is for Tesco, Sainsburys or Subway.  This way you no longer need to whip out a hundred and one cards.  All you need is your smartphone!  Your purse will feel a great deal lighter now that it is all stored on your phone!

FidMe, is a free application for smartphones and tablets.

4/ iNap@Work, app that allows you to sleep at work

Did last night tired you out?  Do you fancy taking a nap at work without leaving your desk.  Well you can do this with the app iNap@Work!  This will become your best friend after a mid-week night out!  This clever app recreates the sound of clicking sounds and your mouse as well as rustling papers to make it sound like you are working hard!  Could this work in an open plan office?

iNap@Work, free application available on iOS.

5/ AirPnp, is an app that will relieve your bladder in no time

Air PnP is the Airbnb for toilets.  Do you often have a pressing need to go to the toilet but you are in the middle of town with know idea where the nearest toilets are? You can be hosted by people who rent out their toilet for a modest sum depending on its state of cleanliness and luxury products.  This strange app, created by Americans with small bladders, should please those drinkers of beer or coffee…

AirPnp, free app available on iOS.

6/ Marco Polo, app to help you find your phone

Are you constantly looking for your telephone? You can get the fun Marco Polo app which will help you to find you precious smartphone in no time.  All you need to do is cry out “Marco” in a clear loud voice and your telephone will respond with “Polo”!  A great way to relocate your phone without needing access to another phone to call it!

Marco Polo, Paying app, available on smartphones and tablets.