Laws of gravity: 14 incredible gravity defying sculptures

Credit: Pinterest screenshots Gerry Judah/David MacCracken/Jerzy Kedziora

Gravity defying sculptures create cool artistic illusions that delight viewers, asking them to question how such a structure can stay in place.  Take a look at 14 creative sculptures which defy the laws of gravity! 

The world is full of creative and talented people who are capable of recreating the beauty that surrounds them.  They are able to create from their imagination extraordinary sculptures, monuments or structures.  Some creations seem deprived of logic or contradict laws of physics.  Thanks to mysterious technical tricks some objects look like they are floating in the air.  We can only imagine the time and talent it has taken to create these spectacular, gravity defying sculptures.

1/ An infinite staircase heading to the sky, David MacCracken

Australian artist, David McCrackan is the man behind this incredible staircase leading to the sky. The impressive, aluminium sculpture, called Diminish and Ascend, can be seen in Bondi, Australia. It was proudly featured at Australia’s Sculpture by the Sea festival.

2/ Ball that floats in the air, Norton Flavel

Norton Flavel, already the creator of a popular sculpture called the Giant Bag, surprises viewers again with a gravity defying, oversized ball and chain. Called Lucky Country, this sculpture also participated in the Australian festival Sculpture by the Sea.

3/ Defying the laws of gravity, Emil Alzamora

This bronze athlete has plenty flexibility! Emil Alzamora’s beautiful sculpture is erected in an American park.

4/ Expert tightrope walker, Jerzy Kedziora

Jerzy Kedziora’s magnificent sculpture certainly defies the laws of gravity!

5/ Flash, Gerry Judah

The English artist Gerry Judah installed his impressive, gravity defying sculpture during the Goodwood festival, a racing car festival in Sussex combining modern and old cars.

6/ The final move, Leandro Erlich

In Karlsruhe’s market place in Germany, the Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich surprised passerby and locals alike with this large scale installation!

7/ A magic elephant, Daniel Firman

In the Palais de Fontainebleau you can see a giant elephant like you’ve never seen before! Daniel Firman continues to defy the laws of gravity with Würsa, the life-sized elephant sculpture.