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Recreating works of art: 18 unusual Before and After images

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It would be hard to live without art. There are so many art forms that feature in our daily lives whether it is paintings, sculptures, music or even cinema. The people in the following list have had fun recreating famous works of art by taking a picture of themselves striking the pose. Some are exceedingly realistic while others will just make you laugh! You can judge for yourselves.

Art has always fascinated people. This is because art can have an effect on our senses, emotions and instincts. Some definitions of art say it is the opposite of nature and science. However the natural world inspires artists and science is how artists illustrate perspectives. Nobody is indifferent to art whatever the art form. This is certainly true for the people in the following list as they have tried to recreate a famous artwork in real life and take a photo. It has to be said, some are better than others!

1/ The Girl with the Pearl Earing, Vermeer

A Vermeer in real life.

2/ Lady with an Ermine, Leonardo de Vinci

A painting from a master cleverly produced being the camera. Have you noticed that the ermine has evolved into a sphinx cat?

3/ The Kiss, Klimt

Young golden lovers.

4/ Absinthe drinker, Picasso

A perfect reproduction.

5/ The Creation of Adam, Michaelangelo

An odd take on a masterpiece!

6/ The Dance, Matisse

Would Henry Matisse have been proud to see his painting recreated like this? No one will ever know…