McDonald’s: 10 surprising facts you may have never heard about

Credit: YouTube screenshot from "Top 10 McDonald's Secrets You Are NOT Supposed To Know", MostAmazingTop10

6/ Cesar salad is fattier than a burger

McDonald’s green salads, especially created to contradict cliches about the restaurant, are not as healthy as all that!  In fact this Cesar salad has 425 calories and contains 21.04 g of fat whereas a classic hamburger has about half the number of calories and only 7.07 g of fat. The Cesar sauce and croutons in the salad are the main reason why it is so unhealthy!

salade Cesar mcdonald's faits insolites inconnus
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7/ Some restaurants are open to homeless people

In China and Japan, McDonald’s are open to homeless people so that they can have a warm place to sleep at night.  These people are often called Mc Refugees.

8/ Justin Timberlake’s voice is on the McDonald’s jingle

You’ll all know the famous McDonald’s jingle “I’m Loving it”.  It was created by a renowned German business in 2003 with the slogan Ich liebe es.  The success of the slogan encouraged McDonald’s to translate the phrase into several languages.  In America, the singer Justin Timberlake received 6 million dollars for simply singing the melody line.

justin timberlake
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9/ Bill Gates is a VIP in McDonald’s restaurants

This IT pioneer has a golden ticket in McDonald restaurants.  Thanks to his card, he can have unlimited access to free McDonald’s products.

10/ Elizabeth II is franchised at McDonald’s

In fact, it is rather the English Crown that has a commercial agreement with the American restaurant. The establishment owned by the English Crown is 80 kilometers outside of London and is exceedingly high tech with self-service tablets, digital menu, comfortable sofas… a McDonald’s fit for a Queen!

elizabeth II reine d'Angleterre Mcdonald's
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