Food industry: 12 unbelievable secrets hidden for too long

The food industry has been playing tricks on us for years.  It’s easy to become suspicious of secrets hidden in non-environmentally friendly packaging … at least sometimes.

When we start to know the truth behind the practices of the food industry we’ll all be heading to the farmers markets to buy our food products. Spayed apples, fading colourings or cupcakes with synthetic fibers, the food industry really doesn’t care about us or our health!

1/ Waxed apples to make them look more inticing

Does the food industry take us for Charles Worthington? Waxing apples like waxed hair is a rather strange marketing technique. It may make the fruit more shiny and more inciting for the customer however wax is a chemical product.  The spray used on waxed apples often contains petroleum properties like paraffin.

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2/ Fizzy drinks full of synthetic colourings!  Here’s a test to prove it!

Try it if you dare.  Pour a fizzy drink full of colourings into a glass, soak a paper towel and stir well. Your piece of kitchen roll will come out stained in colourings… These colourings may attract the customers attention in the super market but for our poor, battered stomachs it is a lot of chemicals to digest!

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3/ Synthetic fiber residues hidden in muffins and cupcakes

Try this experiment: Place an industrial processed cupcake in a sieve and spray with water from your tap over the sink until the cake starts to crumble. By the end, what’s left is an elastic substance which looks like synthetic fibers.  What is the food industry letting us eat?

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4/ Industrial processed honey diluted with sugar syrup

Try this experience if you’d like to know if your honey is real or not.  Pour a little honey in a bowl then add a bit of water on top. Slowly stir the mixture rotating occasionally. If the honey starts to create white rings then you are okay.  This is the real deal as pure honey will start to return to it’s originally form.  If nothing changes or slight waves appear then it is very likely the food industry have added sugar syrup. It’s better to know what’s in store… fake honey is taking over the shop shelves!

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5/ Ice creams can contain an additive that comes from a beavers rectum.

Industrial produced ice cream can contain a very suspect additive. Castoreum is a type of excretion that comes from a beavers rectum. The substance allows beavers to mark their territory, but also perfume ice creams!

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6/ Butter vs Margarine in hot water

A quality butter, made from cream or milk, mixes with hot water and eventually dissolves to melt. Margarine, on the other hand, does not dilute and remains on the surface, even if you stir like a madman! Why ? Because it is made from palm oil.

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Video screenshot: 5-Minute Crafts/YouTube